Vagrant in our life Nylon Bags

Vagrant in our life Nylon Bags

These are vagrant nylon bags which flit here and there in all kinds of winds on the streets in summer and winter. In general they are seen in black and white and they adhere on your faces and legs in unprecedented times. Besides, they hitch under your car while driving on motorway and cause you to travel by accompanying you with irritating noises and you to be scared out of your wits by flinging suddenly from the coin. 

It is known that there exist some people in this nice world who put fruits well on their places and get rid of unnecessary intensity in the house by throwing these nylon sachets out of the window after retuning from shopping. We want to believe that the reason of so many vagrant sachets is not these people. In addition, it is a subject matter of another title.

Another possibility is that nylon sachet shuttles leave for the inner city of Istanbul from Halkalı and Ümraniye dumping grounds every night. This is a recycling which we do not know how to use it yet because it is hard to identify and to know them. There is nobody who has come across anybody yet saying “Look, my darling, the sachet of the gift I bought for you the previous day is flying there.” Or “I have come across the garbage sachet of my parents on the motorway and crashed the barriers not to crash it.”

Another probability is that they may be the extraterrestrial organisms that have been able to succeed to enter into our lives indispensably, which we would not even like to mention about them.

Another reality which will be noticed when a search is made is that we have got sachets as many as idle cats in the streets. And the question to be asked here is how many of us take the small pretty sachets which we see in the street to our houses or if we attempt to supply any shelters for them.

According to another possibility, they are the modern version of the masses of the rolling bushes which we see on Western films. These are city accessories even if we are not aware of them.