Plastic Raw MaterialsPlastic Raw Materials

It is the name which is given to the materials which are gained by culling the tie which is named monomer, which is shaped with carbon(C) hydrogen (H), Oxygen (O), nitrogen (N) and other organic or inorganic elements...

PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride)


PVC name comes from the shortened words of “Poly Vinyl Chloride" which is English equivalent.  Polyvinylchloride is a plastic which is rather widely used. It is one of the most valuable products in chemical industry. Over 50% of PVC is used in construction sector in the world. PVC is cheap and easily mounted as construction material.  PVC has taken place of wood, concrete and clay which are traditional construction materials in many areas recently. Although it is an ideal construction material, there are worries on PVC for environment and human health. 

One can count the usage areas of PVC as door and window profiles, vinyl front covering, pipe and fitting materials, electrical cables, decorating and hobby materials. It is used very commonly for pipe lines in material, water and waste water industry as it is flexible and cheap.

PVC is a recyclable, i.e. reusable plastic. The international recycle code has been determined as 3.