Plastic Raw MaterialsPlastic Raw Materials

It is the name which is given to the materials which are gained by culling the tie which is named monomer, which is shaped with carbon(C) hydrogen (H), Oxygen (O), nitrogen (N) and other organic or inorganic elements...

PS (Polystyrene)


Polystyrene is a polymer that is produced through the polymerisation of the styrene in monomer status. It is made from oil. It is rather used with PS shortening in plastic industry. Polystyrene is a thermo-plastic in solid state in room temperature but it is brought to the solution status while it is processed with injection or extrusion. After that, its hardening is made by cooling it.

It has a good resistance to UV gleams, good stroke and tensile resistance and a facility of low price and process. It has a superior resistance to acid and alkali and salt.

It is extensively used on the plastic parts of the thin walled cans, cooling towers, pipe, foam, rubber, various tools, auto parts, panels and electronic tools. It is often used on single use of glasses, plates, yogurt pots and buttermilk pots.