Plastic Raw MaterialsPlastic Raw Materials

It is the name which is given to the materials which are gained by culling the tie which is named monomer, which is shaped with carbon(C) hydrogen (H), Oxygen (O), nitrogen (N) and other organic or inorganic elements...

HDPE (High Density Poly Etylene)


HDPE is polyethylene material with high density which is gained from oil. Its name springs from the shortening of the words "High Density Poly Etylene” in English.  This name is generally used in industry and manufacturing sector.

Even HDPE resembles LDPE in view, it is a polymer which is harder than that and its molecule mass is around 150000 to 400000. Its resistance to water and chemical stuff is good. It is not resistant to light and open air conditions as it is in LDPE. This resistant can be increased with special fillings. Mechanical features are very well and stroke and drawing resistant are especially high. Features can be improved more with some filling materials. Drawing resistance is normally around 225 to 350 kgf/cm2. Temperature resistance is over 100°C.

It is suitable material to many forming method such as injection, extrusion dust covering, film drawing, revolving moulding etc.  As the injection mould temperature is held at 50 to 70°C, it increases the product quality coming out the device. HDPE is very efficient in electrical applications, too. It is remembered as uncouth sachet in the market.