Certificates, Confirmation Writing, Reports


Developments arising in the century when we live are in continuity in full speed in economy, science and technology and it is possible to predict this process that it will continue also in the 21st century. Experts agree that the 21st century will be a “competition age” and “information age”.  Fast progress in information, communication technologies and increasingly competition force organisations to change and they impel them to produce of quality goods and servicing in order to stand on their feet. In this context, “quality” appears suddenly in front of us as necessity but not as “fact”.  First of all, the quality is one of the most effective means that determine power of competition. 

When quality is mentioned today, not only the quality of goods and service is understood from that but also all factors (leadership quality, management quality, system quality, human quality, equipment quality etc) which are effective in exposing the products and services in an organisation are understood. Quality is the essential aim to be reached not only in one area but also in all areas. Here, the total quality is a contemporary management philosophy which targets to reach the quality as a whole in all areas in an organisation. 

While we, as Damla Plastik, are carrying on our works in full speed in order to apply this contemporary management system in all of the organisations, we keep on getting approvals from our clients that are in search of this management system in order to prove that we have appropriated this philosophy and reports for our products on the other hand.