Damla Plastik Bag Industries

About Us

Recycling which appeared with the consciousness that the raw material sources in the world would become exhausted has become mainly one of the subjects which manufacturing companies give importance recent years.  We also follow supporting works on this matter and put them into practice.

As the raw material of our products is oil based, it is recyclable. For that reason, we save by reducing our demand for raw material.

As a result of the global warming, we are experiencing climate change in the world. The energy used in manufacturing also affects this warming, i.e. the energy used in a product which is made from new raw material is more than the energy used in recycling. We contribute to decrease in warming owing to saving in energy even if it is little.

The raw material which we use leaves wastes. As recycling is applied, waste material decreases and we have share in reducing environment pollution.

Material saving is gained by using recycling and it means economical investment and employment opportunities on the long term.

Damla Plastik, has taken the recycling system up seriously and aims at putting developments about this matter into practice in order that the benefits which have been told above continue in order to use the natural sources efficiently.